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Have you ever heard a success story that doesn’t talk about hard work and perseverance? Well, you’ll hear it once again because Margate AC Services is no different! We were established 20+ years ago as a small company with a burning desire to make it big. We started work in a small toolshed and began providing expert services to Margate, FL local community with promise of quality and affordability. It didn’t take long for our name to catch wind and soon we were the preferred AC expert for a long list of clients and their acquaintances. We solidified our position in the industry further by maintaining our standards and prices. We uphold our core values even today and this is why our clients trust us implicitly. We can give you 100% reliable service at your beck and call, just dial 954-399-1927 and tell us what you are looking for!


The past:

When we started, we were just a couple of technicians with knowledge and commitment to serve the local community fairly. Our AC services are built on that principle!

The present:

With our years of persistence and hard work, we have not only set industry benchmarks but also expanded our work portfolio to become your one-stop-shop for all AC servicing needs. We have the best infrastructure and the most competent technicians in the business!

The future:

We believe that AC service industry is an ever evolving business. The ACs will never stop improving and it will never stop needing technicians. Margate AC Services will only become better and better with time, acquiring one specialized skill after another.


Our team of experts and technicians has been handpicked through a series of tests. We have a strict recruitment process and a thorough background check to ensure that all the people associated with us are 100% reliable. All the experts in our team are industry veterans with a passion for their job and dexterity of a magician. When you call us for help, we send our best men who will fix your problem then and there. From simple leaky duct to a complete installation of an HVAC unit, we can do it all with absolute perfection.


We have an enviable reputation in Margate, FL for being ‘the’ provider of AC service. We have served big companies, businesses complexes, mall, hospitals, single-room offices, etc. At the same time, we have also helped condo, villa, apartment owners with their AC installations and other common woes. We have the complete industry exposure and the experience to deliver most customer satisfaction. If you ever need someone you can trust your expensive machine with, you straight away call Margate AC Services! We promise you that we will give you the best service at the most affordable rates.

So what are you waiting for? Dial 954-399-1927 right now!