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Commercial HVAC units are not as simple as residential ACs. They are a lot more complex and require someone with the experience and the expertise to handle these kinds of machines. An ill performing AC unit at work can have a direct bearing on work productivity and the efficiency of your employees. This is why you need to ensure that you take all commercial HVAC services from a trained professional.

Margate AC Services is a reputed company in Margate, FL area that understands the local weather and provides the best and most comprehensive range of AC services to our commercial clients. From installation of these units to repairing and maintaining them, our teams can do it all! Reach out to us on 954-399-1927!


We’re experienced:

Experience is the key in our business and has a direct impact on the quality of service that you get in the end. This is why our clients are most satisfied with us because we have 20+ years of experience working with all kinds of AC systems.

We’re considerate:

It goes without saying that a malfunctioning air conditioner on a business day can really affect the output from employees as they spend most of their time trying to battle the summer heat. This is why we take extra measures to ensure that you get AC repair service as soon as you give us a call!

We’re all-in-one

No need to call a dozen contractors to help you with your air conditioner. When you hire us, you get all the AC services under one roof.

We’re efficient

Don't trust a repair company that takes hours to fix an AC issue resulting in loss of business hours for you! We, on the other hand, come within 30 minutes and work on your problem immediately to get you back up with losing any precious time. We can also provide overnight services to avoid disrupting a fully productive day.

We are NOT pricey

We don't charge our customers unreasonably for our wide range of services. In fact, we are completely affordable and transparent in our pricing. We also offer flat rates no matter when you call us.

Our bespoke commercial HVAC solutions are for:


It could be a new building that requires installation from the scratch with laying out the ductwork, installation of centralized air conditioner, or carrying out regular maintenance work. Our team of trained experts can do it all with utmost professionalism. We can give you quick and efficient result, regardless of the size and complexity of the project.

Contained spaces:

We can also provide flexible solutions for confined areas such as server rooms, data centers, conference rooms, and other areas where air conditioner temperature requires custom control.

Critical spaces:

We also specialize in providing quality services in critical work areas that cannot afford even a second of downtime. Form operation theaters to server rooms and data centers, these spaces are critical and require special attention for installation and maintenance. Margate AC Services can handle these criticalities with absolute perfection. 


  • Margate AC Services Margate, FL 954-399-1927HVAC Installation consultation
  • Repairs work 24/7
  • Genuine part replacement guarantee
  • Flexible AC maintenance
  • IAQ improvement methods
  • Ductwork layout
  • Overnight repair
  • Emergency assistance anywhere in Margate, FL
  • Clean up of HVAC system
  • Refrigerant change

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