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Margate AC Services Margate, FL 954-399-1927You may think that the air inside your house is clean and that you are protecting yourself and your loved ones from the pollution outside by staying indoors. But did you know that the indoor air quality of your home might be no better than the toxic air outside? The contaminants like pet dander, cigarette smoke, cooking smoke, mold spores, and other airborne bacteria can seriously affect the air you breathe inside your property. So if you notice your sinus flaring up too often, then before going to a doctor you should call an AC service specialist.

Margate AC Services provides full range of IAQ service in Margate, FL area for both businesses and home owners. Our services include checking the property for air quality, IAQ corrective measures, installation of air purification devices etc. Simply call us on 954-399-1927!


Did you know that all the pollutants that accumulate in your house due to dust, dander, cooking smoke etc. recirculate inside your premises and compromise the quality of breathable air? As a result, you may become victims to respiratory disorders and other such ailments.


If you have a confirmed report from a professional that your indoor is not as pure as you think it to be, then you can take the following measures to mitigate the extent of the problem:

  • Replace air filter:

    Don't just get your air filters cleaned, get them replaced from time to time. All the dust particles accumulated inside the filter over time can affect the air quality of your property.

  • Groom pets:

    Keep your pets groomed at all times, especially if you took them outside recently.

  • Indoor plants:

    Use indoor plants to improve your property’s indoor aesthetics and air quality. Plants like Aloe Vera, Boston Fern etc. are natural air cleansers that rid the air of toxins.

  • Ventilation:

    Allow for proper ventilate that can circulate the air inside. Leave the window open for a few hours to allow sunlight and fresh air inside.

  • Vacuum with HEPA filter

    Buy a vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter to remove contaminants from all surfaces

  • Healthy habits:

    Don't smoke inside the house or bring outdoor slippers inside. Follow healthy habits to prevent the contamination of indoor air.


While integrating these DIY measures will certainly go a long way in maintaining the indoor air quality, but they are not enough in themselves to treat the problem. You would need professionals to fix the compromised quality and keep the indoor area pollution free. Call Margate AC Services if you are looking to get your property assessed for air quality. When you call us, our experts will do the following:​

  1. Clean the HVAC unit:

    We clean the dust that has gathered inside air ducts and vents that is polluting your indoor air

  2. Air purifier installation:

    We install air purifiers to kill airborne pollutants and remove them from your indoor environment. We know exactly which one to choose.

  3. UV light installations:

    We can also use UV lights to kill microorganisms that are still existent, despite all these efforts.

Need better quality air? Call us at 954-399-1927 if you are in Margate, FL!