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Margate AC Services Margate, FL 954-399-1927If you have just recently bought a new air conditioner, the next logical step is its installation. However, it doesn't end there. For an AC to perform at its maximum efficiency, you need to ensure that it has been installed properly keeping various factors such as insulation, size of the room, cooling temperatures etc. in mind. This is the kind of thing only an expert would know. No amount of DIY tutorials or amateur technicians can tell you how to fix an AC in a way that can prolong its lifespan. This is why you need no one else but an expert for the job in Margate, FL area.

Margate AC Services is an expert installer of ACs and has the experience of working with all kinds of units, be it HVAC or split ACs. We can layout the ductwork or setup a window AC in your home. Just remember to call our technician on 954-399-1927!


ACs are expensive and not completely immune from breakdown. By not installing the air conditioner properly, you are only expediting the process, wasting your investment! To prevent that from happening, you need to ensure that one that carries out the installation knows what they are doing!

Look out for these signs to know if the technician at property is an amateur or an expert.

  1. Recommending the wrong size: One of the most common errors of judgment made by an inexperienced technician is misjudging the size of an AC with regards to the room size. Too big too small can lead to underperformance or over-performance that can both shave off years from your unit’s lifecycle.
  2. Improper wiring: Incorrect wiring can a serious hazard and may also prevent your AC to work as effectively as it should. 
  3. Inadequate insulation: Not looking for gaps, crevices, cracks or other such openings is a dead giveaway that the technician is not as expert as he claims to be. Inadequate insulation is the leading cause for your air conditioner to work inefficiently.
  4. No proper set up: Sometimes not installing the AC correctly could also mean loose fitting or an unfastened bolt here and a wobbly nut there. This can make your unit shake vigorously, affecting its performance.

Why work with someone who can do you more damage than good? Instead work with a professional from Margate AC Services who can get your installation job done effortlessly and perfectly.


Replacing an old AC:

If you are looking to replace your old air conditioner, you can call us for a quick survey of your property. We perform the base analysis to identify the type of installation your unit requires. We lay out the ductwork or setup your unit based on sun exposure, insulation and other such factors.

Installation in a new construction:

Installing an AC in a new building is a lot of work, but not for us. We start with designing the basic blueprint to carry out final installations. Our experts will plan everything down to the last detail and stay with you throughout the project.

Need a new AC installed in Margate, FL area? Call us at 954-399-1927 today!