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Margate AC Services Margate, FL 954-399-1927When you take all your other decisions with so much thought and care, then why would you neglect something as expensive as an AC? Many people falsely believe that air conditioner is a one-time investment but it is not. It requires ongoing maintenance to ensure that it doesn’t culminate into expensive repairs later. Lack of maintenance can not only shave years off your air conditioner’s life time but can also cause potential failures in the machinery that may either require extensive repair work or replacement.

Margate AC Services offers customizable AC maintenance plans that have been tailored to meet the needs of our varied clientele. We service homeowners and businesses in Margate, FL with our repair and upkeep programs that keep their AC running for years to come! Call now on 954-399-1927 to discuss.


Do you really want your air conditioner to kick the bucket on a hot Sunday afternoon, spoiling your relaxing weekend chasing incompetent technicians that promise to arrive in a few hours but don't? Routine maintenance plans are designed in such a way that they eliminate the need of unexpected repairs by detecting the problem in its early stages. At the same time, the technicians can perform regular cleanups to ensure that you get cool, quality air inside your property at all times.

Here’s how you should look for the ideal maintenance service provider:​​

  • Check flexibility:

    Never trust a company that tries to force fix plans on you. An experienced AC service company understands that each client has its own AC servicing requirements and must be serviced accordingly. Look for companies that offer customizable plans to you.

  • Get the cost calculation done:

    Why work with a company that doesn’t give you your money’s worth? Do you really want to pay as much as your AC’s value by the end of the contract period? This is why you should choose a company that can offer economical plans to you.

  • Look for reviews:

    Look for reviews to understand the company’s work ethic and professionalism standards. Reviews don't lie and they are the best window into your potential AC maintenance partner’s working style.

  • Experience:

    Only work with someone who has the experience in maintaining and repairing ACs. You don't want to leave your expensive machinery in the amateur hands of a novice! Companies like Margate AC Services with over decades of experience make for a perfect partner!

Our maintenance process:

Phase 1: Tune up:

In this phase, we start with cleaning up your ducts and air filters. Next we lubricate the parts and replace them if required. We also check for operational hiccups, if any.

Phase 2: System rejuvenation

In this stage, we look for components that are nearing their expiration date. We replace these parts with genuine parts and restore your unit’s life.

Phase 3: Inspection

After repairs and maintenance checks, we perform a final check to ensure that everything is in order and that the system is running perfectly. We test all the components for efficiency, do quick safety check of electrical parts, and make sure that the system is running absolutely fine.

Call us at 954-399-1927 to hire an AC maintenance specialist in Margate, FL area.